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the crownless; pg-13

Title: The Crownless
Author: numbuh9494
Pairing: Key/Minho
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Humor, Romance (?)
Word Count: ~3k
AN: i haven't posted a fic here since like 2011 so i can't believe this is happening tbh. originally posted anonymously for fytop!key's birthday challenge, for the prompt king!key.

i had so much fun writing this, but it's a lot shorter than i wanted it to be! the challenge came right in the middle of my RA training (even though it's my second year as an RA) and it was pretty rough lol. i might expand it later if i feel like it! oh and also i am flyingonthefriendshipship on tumblr, so i'm not stealing fic! that's me.

Kibum is a commoner. He'd rather be a king.Collapse )
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Lampy and Radio

"It's 2015," she said.

"It's 2015," she said, and she paused and she wondered.

When did I become an adult? When was it that people started giving me responsibilities? When was it that someone thought I was good enough to take on a job? What has happened to me?

"It's 2015," she said, and she was tired.

It's late at night here. I'm weirdly dissociating. I should go to bed. Good night. I'm doing well. Happy 2015, and I hope you are all doing well also.
Lampy and Radio

When we die in a dream, we wake up.

Title: When We Die in a Dream, We Wake Up.
Fandom/Pairing: Inception, Arthur/Eames 
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slash, Disturbing themes
Word Count: 1,151 
Summary: This is pretty much a rewrite of ester_inc 's Arthur/Eames fanfiction, Disconnected, that I wrote for school (that's why it has so many weird words in it). Mental Hospital AU. All credit for the idea/storyline goes to [info]ester_inc 

"What do you mean, it won't wake him up? When we die in a dream, we wake up!"Collapse )
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Honors World History...

So yes, right now I am currently in Honors World History. I'm done with my assignment and everything, so now I'm free to do something unproductive. Thus, this is unproductive.

Actually, I should probably be writing my novel. This month is National Novel Writing month and I'm only at 3200 words or so. Yes, I'm ahead, but I want to stay ahead.

So yeah.


That is all. XD
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So Yeah

So today, we had a Writers for His Glory meeting, and it was awesome.

I learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, and I read the latest installment of my Aaron and Alex tale, which everyone loved but thought was sad (since in the part I read, Alex is already dead, and he's a lovable character). However, I introduced the character of Gina, which gave the real Gina a shock. XD The story Gina is a bratty five-year-old girl, y'know, the DW Read type.

So this is just a filler journal since I never really post, but I really want to say that even if I don't ever post or anything I'm still a really active reader and I hang around a lot in the communities. That is all.
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First LiveJournal...

 Wow, this is like the first LiveJournal I've ever had. I've dabbled around but never even really thought about joining.

This is a lot of fun. I've joined a bunch of communities already, but it doesn't look like any of my friends have LiveJournals. Oh, well.

I'll probably just use this LiveJournal to comment on and read fanfiction. The fanfictions here seem to be of better quality than that over at fanfiction.net, which really does make me happy. I'll probably never post entries but I will read and comment often.
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